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The 10th UDINE-C meeting will be held at the University of Lincoln (England) in June/July 2017.

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Click here for details on the 9th international conference in Maribor, Slovenia: 

Conference papers from Maribor can be found on this link:  http://www.fzv.um.si/udine-c-group-meeting-0


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Meeting 8: The 8th UDINE-C conference was held at the Escola Superior de Ciencies de la Salut – TechnoCampus in Barcelona (Spain) on (24th – 25th – April 2014) – (Minutes and papers to follow)


(Some of our workshop attendees)



Meeting 7: The  7th UDINE-C conference was  hosted by Dr Radi Radic and colleagues from the University of Osijek in Croatia ( 19th – 21st September  2013).

The 7th UDINE-C meeting in Osijek Croatia


The Osijek book of conference abstracts

Minutes_ UDINE C Meeting September 2013



The Udine Network in Poland, 2012

Meeting 6:  Lublin, Poland – September 2012 (PDF)

Minutes of the UDINE_Sept_2012

UDINE_Lublin_meeting attendees

UDINE_Lublin_meeting apologies

The Udine Network in Serbia, 2011

Meeting 5:  Belgrade, Serbia – May 2011 (PDF)

Meeting 4:  Maribor, Slovenia – June 2010 (PowerPoint)

The Udine Network in Spain, 2009

Meeting 3: Barcelona, Spain – April 2009 (MS Word)

The Udine Network in Ireland, 2008

Meeting 2Waterford, Ireland – June 2008 (PDF)

Meeting 1Udine, Italy – November 2007 (PDF)