Udine-C Network

a pan european, nursing academics network

Research, conference presentations and other activity

This page provides information on the range of research and project outputs which are consistent with the stated aims of the network – these are:

Current Research Interests

  • Career pathways for nurse academics
  • Clinical education within nursing- European perspectives


UDINE-C Research collaboration and partnerships

Dr Esther Cabrera (Barcelona) and Dr Ros Kane (Lincoln)  are members of the  European Academy of Nursing Science (EANS).

Dr Paul Linsley (Lincoln) is joining the European Federation of Nurse Educators (FINE)


Published UDINE-C papers:

Jackson, C., Bell, L., Zabalegui, A., Palese, A., Sigurdardottir, A. & Owen, S. (2009) A review of nurse educator careers pathways; a European perspective.  Journal of Research in Nursing Vol.14 (2) 111-122

Palese, A., Zabalegui, A., Bergin, M., Dobrowolska, B., Gasser, C., Pajnkihar, M., Sigurdardottir, A.K. & Jackson, C. (2014) Bologna Process, more or less: Nursing Education in the European Economic Area. A discussion paper.  International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship Vol.  11 (1) 1-11

Dobrowolska, B., Slusarska, B., Zarzycka, D., McGonagle, I., Pawlikowski, J. & Cuber, T. (2014) Care concepts in medical and nursing students’ descriptions – philosophical approach and implications for medical education. Annals of Agricultural and Environmental Medicine. Vol. 21 (4) 841-847

Dobrowolska, B., McGonagle, I., Jackson, C., Kane R., Cabrera, E., Cooney-Miner, D., Di Cara, V., Pajnkihar, M., Prlic, N., Sigurdardottir, A., Stanisavljevic, S., Wells, J. & Palese, A. (2014) Clinical practice models in nursing education. Implication for students’ mobility. International Nursing Review (accepted for publication and in press)


Conference Presentations

UDINE-C were invited  to offer a key note address at the meeting of European nurse regulators in Zagreb last November.  The event was hosted by Mrs Dragica Simunec (President of FEPI and president of HKMS in Croatia).

McGonagle, I. Competences, capabilities and values in nursing practice.  (invited guest speaker) 26th November 2013 Zagreb

FEPI Conference 2013 – Agenda ENG

International Conference of FEPI Hosted by HKMS


Kane, R., Dobrowolska, B. , Linsley, P. & Pilewska-Kozak, A. Conscientoius objection – does it also apply to nursing students? case studies form Poland and England – A concurrent presentation.  Royal College of Nursing International Education Conference. Harrogate England February 2014.


Papers in Preparation





UDINE-C member research bids in preparation;

  • Project Harmonia (at 3 country project lead by the Medical University in Lublin, Poland and in partnership with the University of Maribor, Slovenia and the University of Lincoln, England).
  • Quality Assurance and Harmonization of Education with EU Standards for Vocational Health Professionals in Serbia (a EC Tempus project between a number of Higher Education Institutions including the University of Belgrade, Serbia; the University of Novi Stad, Serbia and the University of Lincoln, England)
  • Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation Title: Sharing expertise for European network of nursing professionals in clinical supervisionPartners from UDINE-C: University of  Wolverhampton, England; University of Akureyri, Iceland; Josip Juraj Strossmayer University, Iceland;  Osijek, School of Medicine, Croatia; University Graduate study of Nursing, University in Maribor, Slovenia, University of Udine, Italy.


UDINE-C Nursing Careers databases (by country)